Drunk Driving, Second Offense

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Drunk Driving, Second Offense
September 28, 2017

Drunk Driving, Second Offense

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My client was accused of drunk driving, second offense, and had his life turned upside down. The charge alone is not a conviction of course, but it may feel like it to the accused because but the presumption of innocence doesn’t prevent the charge from causing tremendous stress, limitations of opportunities, and other hardships.

My client trusted me to fight for him. And I fought. After a jury trial, in less than ten minutes of deliberation, my client was acquitted. It was not easy as the police testimony was persuasive and the prosecutor was convincing, but I was able to get the jury to see that there was reasonable doubt and they found him not guilty. After his acquittal, I persuaded the judge to reinstate his license. He then quickly got his life back on track and has now moved forward.


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