Two Felony Charges & One Misdemeanor

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Two Felony Charges & One Misdemeanor
September 28, 2017

Two Felony Charges & One Misdemeanor

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Two Charges Dismissed, Small Fine for the Third

My client had too many drinks at a downtown bar and went to an after-party close by at his friend’s apartment. He stepped outside the apartment building to have a cigarette, and went back into the building. Tipsy, he accidentally entered the apartment wrong apartment, and encountered the man who lived there who was confused and scared. A scuffle ensued and my client was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor. He is a business entrepreneur, and was concerned about several things including his reputation in the community, and his ability to get certain licenses
that he may need in the future. We fought the case. I filed some motions arguing that he did not have the requisite intent for the felonies, and the prosecutor agreed. I got the first two charges dismissed, and my client paid a small fine on the third charge. This successful outcome did not limit any of client’s opportunities and was a fair resolution to a case of mistake.


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