Can DNA Evidence Be Challenged?

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Can DNA Evidence Be Challenged?
September 23, 2021

Can DNA Evidence Be Challenged?

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The discovery of DNA evidence and how it can be used to identify criminals is one of the most significant advances in criminal justice history. Strong DNA evidence can be helpful in many cases, but weak evidence is still often used by the prosecution to influence juries during criminal trials. 

Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to DNA evidence than what you might see on crime television shows. Here’s how you can defend yourself against DNA evidence if you’ve been arrested for a crime. 

The Technology for DNA Evidence Isn’t Infallible 

Often, DNA evidence appears “magical,” and many prosecutors will attempt to use this quality to their advantage. They may try to paint DNA technology as foolproof to cover for its sometimes questionable validity. The processing of DNA is done by people, meaning there’s plenty of room for human error. This can cause even advanced tech to provide inaccurate results. 

The Chain of Custody Can Be Compromised 

If DNA evidence is collected at a crime scene, the chain of custody must be thoroughly and accurately logged. This means records need to be kept of who has the DNA sample at all times and when handoffs from one person to another are made. If the lab processing the DNA or crime scene technicians fail to do this, a defense attorney can argue that the sample is no longer reliable. 

Contamination of Samples May Occur 

It’s also possible for DNA evidence to be compromised or contaminated in other ways. For example, if a new crime scene tech that hasn’t been properly trained collects the evidence, it may be argued that they did not do so according to procedure. Or, if the scene of the crime was discovered by someone else, it may be possible to suggest that all DNA samples are unreliable. 

Get Help From a Seasoned Western Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Now 

DNA evidence has the power to sway juries in favor of the prosecution even when the evidence is weak at best or it can be proven that the chain of custody was clearly compromised. If a sample of your DNA was obtained from a crime scene, don’t wait to get help from a zealous Western Massachusetts criminal defense attorney. 

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