Can I Meet My Defense Attorney If I’m In Jail?

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Can I Meet My Defense Attorney If I’m In Jail?
March 26, 2022

Can I Meet My Defense Attorney If I’m In Jail?

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If you are arrested for any crime, there’s a goog chance that you’ll end up in at least a county jail for a night or a few days while your bail is sorted. Jail is a confusing and frightening experience, and it may seem like no one’s on your side. Can your defense attorney come see you in jail? The answer is yes, and here’s why they should.

It May Be the Only Time You Get to Say What Happened From Your Perspective

The best protection you can give yourself after an arrest is to invoke your 5th Amendment right to stay silent and avoid incriminating yourself. But this means you’ll spend a lot of time in jail not being able to talk to anyone about your case or share your side of the story. Fortunately, you do have legal protection when you talk to your attorney. You can tell them exactly what happened without fear of repercussion.

You’ll Get to Know Your Lawyer

You have the explicit right to choose your criminal defense representation, whether you hire a private attorney or you choose to work with the public defender that may have been assigned to your case. A private attorney often has more experience than a public defender, and the chances of a favorable outcome may be higher.

Regardless of who you choose, meeting your lawyer in jail gives you the opportunity to get a feel for them and if they’re not going to work out, you still have time to reach out to other attorneys for assistance before court deadlines.

You Can Take Immediate Steps to Create a Defense Plan

Your defense strategy plays a significant role in the outcome of your case and the last thing you want to be is unprepared. Many people think they can wait to call their lawyer when they’re out of jail, just because jail is often so busy, loud, and frightening. But seeing your attorney while you’re incarcerated can get a jump start on your defense, which may prove fruitful if the final verdict is in your favor.

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