Common Defenses For DUI Drug Charges

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Common Defenses For DUI Drug Charges
October 23, 2019

Common Defenses For DUI Drug Charges

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Are You Facing Drug DUI Charges In Massachusetts?

If you were arrested for drug possession as a result of a DUI in Massachusetts, the odds are stacked against you at the inception.  DUI Drug offenses are considered serious crimes in the state of Massachusetts and while the gravity of such charges may escape you in the midst of how quickly the process moves, let me be clear, you should be very concerned about your future. No matter how small you believe the quantity in your possession was, any amount of possession or found in your system can very well result in a conviction. Sure, one charge may appear smaller than another, however, in the eyes of an employer, educational institution, or even a property owner, a conviction of a crime is a conviction of a crime, be it a misdemeanor or a felony. You will have a permanent stain of a crime on your record.

Now, let’s go over two common defenses to criminal DUI drug charges

It Wasn’t Me!

Yes, it wasn’t you.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your defense, you may be able to vehemently claim that the drugs did not belong to you.  This defense may be particularly useful if the area in which the drugs were found is shared between yourself and another party, or other parties.  The latter would include situations where you shared a vehicle with another party or are not the actual owner of the vehicle. In this case, an experienced criminal defense attorney could argue that the burden of proof cannot be met and that the drugs found were not actually yours.

Drugs? What Drugs?

Let’s say you were pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. Possession is an important element when it comes to drug charges. In this case, it is likely that the suspicion of drugs resulted in some sobriety or chemical testing.  This may mean that law enforcement didn’t actually obtain drugs at the time of the DUI arrest but instead ran a test. It is not uncommon for a state trooper or other law enforcement to misplace these tests. Should this be the case and the test results or evidence cannot be presented by the prosecution, an experienced criminal defense attorney can argue that the case should be dismissed.

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