Sex Crime Charges In Massachusetts

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Sex Crime Charges In Massachusetts
July 29, 2020

Sex Crime Charges In Massachusetts

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Being Accused Of Rape In Massachusetts

If you are accused of rape in Massachusetts, you should not take the charges lightly. Even if you are falsely accused of this sex crime, the legal penalties and the negative stigma you will be subject to upon conviction can adversely change your life forever. Fortunately, with the legal help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can significantly increase your chances of winning your case, reducing the charges, or reducing the penalties you face.

Potential Defenses For Rape Charges

False allegations

Unfortunately, many people are falsely accused of rape. A victim’s statements to law enforcement are typically enough to cause a prosecutor to pursue rape charges against you. An attorney can scrutinize the credibility of the witnesses against you and attempt to discredit any false testimony.


The accuser may have actually consented to the sexual intercourse, which makes you not guilty in the eyes of the law. When a lawyer addresses consent as a defense against your charges, the court will examine the circumstances associated with the sexual intercourse and determine whether your belief of consent was reasonable.

Insufficient evidence

Remember, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the evidence against you is sufficient enough to convict you of rape. For instance, if your accuser doesn’t have any medical evidence to support their claim because he or she failed to obtain medical attention after the incident, then you may have a strong case that there isn’t enough evidence for a conviction.

Mistaken identity

There are many instances where the wrong person is arrested and charged with rape. If your accuser’s ability to identify his or her assailant was impaired for one reason or another at the time the crime was committed, it can result in false charges. On the other hand, you may somewhat resemble the actual offender in a case and the police arrest you based on only description.

Get Experienced Criminal Defense 

Criminal Defense Lawyer Jesse Adams is committed to protecting your rights and future against devastating rape charges. Attorney Jesse Adams and his legal team can investigate your arrest, examine all of the available evidence, seek the help of expert witnesses, and build a strong defense strategy on your behalf.

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