One in Three Teens May Ride with an Impaired Driver; Charges May Apply

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One in Three Teens May Ride with an Impaired Driver; Charges May Apply
March 29, 2018

One in Three Teens May Ride with an Impaired Driver; Charges May Apply

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Being accused of drunk driving in any situation is an unnerving experience but it’s one in which the stakes can be raised when a teenager or minor is inside the car. If you are accused of supplementary crimes such as supplying alcohol to a minor or endangering the life of a child, the consequences associated with a drunk driving conviction can be much more serious. Impaired drivers face the risk of being accused of numerous crimes depending on the situation. It’s important to realize the risks of even getting behind the wheel when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A new U.S. study identified that approximately one-third of people just out of high school admitted to riding with a driver who was under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. Teenagers are already at a much higher risk of being hurt in a crash as passengers and drivers. An independent risk factor for teenage DWI included exposure to alcohol and drug-impaired driving.

Younger impaired drivers are at much higher risk for severe crashes than impaired adults. In fact, teen drivers are 17 times as likely as adults to pass away in a crash when there was a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit. More than 2000 young people were surveyed in the project and drivers were responsible for answering questions about their experiences riding and driving while impaired. Although drunk driving has been more stigmatized since the 1980s, the social stigma associated with riding with an impaired driver has not kept up. This means that teens could be at risk behind the wheel engaging in drunk driving behavior themselves or as a passenger in someone else’s car. If you have recently been accused of drunk driving and need the support of an experienced attorney, you should reach out for help as soon as possible especially if supplementary crimes have been assessed.



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