Recent Case Highlights Importance of Details When Being Pulled Over

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Recent Case Highlights Importance of Details When Being Pulled Over
August 14, 2018

Recent Case Highlights Importance of Details When Being Pulled Over

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DUI Lawyer, Jesse Adams

Trying to remember the reel of events in your mind after you’ve been pulled over can be difficult since your adrenaline is pumping. But if you can catch where an officer deviated from protocol or didn’t protect your rights, this information could be helpful in protecting your freedom.

A recent speeding and OUI case handled by our lawyer highlights the importance of being able to share the details of your case directly with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after it has happened. Although these critical details might fade from your memory in the days following the incident, while they are still fresh in your mind, they need to be presented to a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can help you figure out all of the different charges against you and how to respond.

This recent case involved one of our clients speeding past two police officers and running a stop sign while making a turn at a high rate of speed. Our client was then stopped, and since he was on the way home from a bar and had one passenger in the vehicle, the police smelled alcohol in the vehicle and requested that the driver exit the car. The client performed poorly on the field test and was therefore and charged with OUI.

While digging apart the details in this case and verifying exactly what happened during these field sobriety tests, a comprehensive defense was built. Cross-examination of both officers managed by our criminal defense attorney showed all of the things that the client did correctly come to light. This ultimately led to a not guilty verdict. Regardless of the feelings you are experiencing immediately after being pulled over and accused of a crime by the police, you need to keep a clear head about you and consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.



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