Understanding Massachusetts Assault and Battery Laws

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Understanding Massachusetts Assault and Battery Laws
July 31, 2018

Understanding Massachusetts Assault and Battery Laws

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Have you recently been accused of assault and battery, but you don’t know how to proceed in terms of protecting yourself in a case? The support of a criminal defense attorney is instrumental in helping you to realize the charges pending against you and the best way to respond.

All of the possible penalties are the same. Assault charges do not require the same evidence as assault and battery. Assault and battery charges, for example, require some form of contact, whereas assault does not mandate that you actually make contact with a person. If your actions lead to the reasonable suspicion or fear of offensive or harmful contact, you could be accused with assault. You are entitled to a clerk’s hearing unless the alleged assault and battery took place directly in the presence of a police officer. The clerk’s hearing is an opportunity for your criminal defense attorney to obtain statements from the alleged victim making a claim against you. These statements could be used later in the event that the victim changes his or her story.

Domestic assault and battery cases might also be charged under the same Massachusetts statute. However, these cases can become very complicated quickly, making it even more important to retain a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable about assault and battery and aggravated assault laws. Understanding what you are up against and how to most appropriately proceed can give you a great deal of peace of mind and a better understanding of how to avoid many common misconceptions and missteps in your case. You deserve to have an attorney who will not back down with protecting your best interests.


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