Were You Arrested For Narcotics Possession In Northampton After A Traffic Stop?

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Were You Arrested For Narcotics Possession In Northampton After A Traffic Stop?
May 31, 2019

Were You Arrested For Narcotics Possession In Northampton After A Traffic Stop?

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Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Arrest

In recent news for the Northampton area, a traffic stop yielded a narcotics arrest. It doesn’t seem likely that being pulled over for a loud exhaust or even a broken taillight can end in your arrest does it? That is exactly what happened this morning in Northampton. Interestingly enough, the driver was not charged, in fact, it was the passenger whose actions led police to a search that would later result in an arrest.

Probable Cause In Your Traffic Stop

In the case of this particular arrest, the passenger had various quantities of narcotics and other warrants which led to multiple charges, however, you don’t need to be a fugitive to end up with a multitude of charges of your own. One set of circumstances in your traffic stop can easily be compounded by other elements leading to a search based on an observation the officer makes. Law enforcement may detect a smell, assess your behavior and find it suspicious, whatever the case may be. They may ultimately decide that he or she has probable cause to search your vehicle (or the vehicle you are a passenger in).

You may have been driving just a mile over the limit, the fact is, that mile is reason enough for a traffic stop. You could have what you may consider the smallest amount of narcotics on your person–but the difference between what you and the officer consider personal use will differ. You may have been on your best behavior and yet,  probable cause may allow the authorities to search your vehicle.  Once the law has a hold of your vehicle, a speeding ticket can quickly escalate to become a drug charge or worse.

What To Do After Your Arrest

The most important action that you can take after your arrest is to seek out the advice of an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Northampton.  The right legal help during this time is critical. You will want to lay the facts out on paper in order to have a detailed accounting of what transpired at the time of your arrest.  Jesse Adams is a Career Defense Attorney, what that means is that he has always been on the side of the defense. You want a Northampton Criminal Defense Lawyer that has dedicated his lifes work to the defense of cases like yours. Call today for help.






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