What Should I Do If the Police Coerce Me to Confess?

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What Should I Do If the Police Coerce Me to Confess?
November 9, 2021

What Should I Do If the Police Coerce Me to Confess?

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False confessions are proclamations of guilt for an offense that the accused person wasn’t involved in or didn’t commit. This may seem like the opposite thing a defendant would want to do, but there are many different reasons why someone might admit guilt for something they didn’t do.

False confessions are different from forced confessions, which are obtained by the threat or use of violence. Here’s everything you need to know regarding false confessions, what to do if the cops put you under duress, and how a criminal defense attorney may help.

Coerced Confessions vs. Voluntary and Compliant Confessions

False confessions can be classified as follows by the judicial system: false confessions that are voluntary, false confessions that are compliant, and confessions that are coerced. When a false confession is made, the most common cause is the defendant is mentally unstable or has a psychiatric condition that changes their view of what is or isn’t real.

When a person accused of committing a criminal offense admits their involvement to end an interrogation that has become frightening or abusive, this is referred to as a compliant false confession. When officials force an accused individual to question their own memory of the events, this is known as a pressured false confession.

Why Say You Committed a Crime If You Didn’t?

There are several explanations why someone may testify to a crime they did not commit. The defendant might be trying to shift attention away from the person who was involved in the crime. Investigators may have persuaded the suspect that if they complied, their sentencing would be less extreme. Individuals who are psychotic may believe that pleading guilty to the crime will make them world renowned.

What a Defense Attorney Can Do to Protect You

Being charged with a crime you didn’t commit is a frightening experience, which can be exacerbated by aggressive police officers who are desperate for a conviction regardless of whether or not the evidence actually suggests you were the perpetrator. It’s crucial that you act immediately to secure legal representation as quickly as possible.

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