Will Prison Overcrowding Help Keep You Out of Jail?

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Will Prison Overcrowding Help Keep You Out of Jail?
April 20, 2018

Will Prison Overcrowding Help Keep You Out of Jail?

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Being accused of a crime is a serious situation and one that should encourage you to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. You might assume that with the prison overcrowding problem in the United States that you may be able to avoid the serious consequences of being convicted and being put behind bars.

However, prison overcrowding is a growing problem but one that judges are not taking into consideration. Prison overcrowding refers to a social phenomenon that happens when the demand for space inside prisons is much less than the prison can actually hold. This can lead to a number of different problems inside the prison for both staff as well as the people who are incarcerated. In tighter, less sanitary conditions when staff is overworked, diseases are more common. Furthermore, these conditions can also lead to higher incidences of violence. There are more than 1.6 million inmates housed in the United States in federal and state correctional facilities by the end of 2010.

Currently, 19 states around the country are operating above their maximum capacity and California has already named a state of emergency associated with overcrowded prisons. The most common reasons for people to receive a prison sentence include a drug offense and people who have committed previous crimes in the past. Stress among inmates and staff and worsening of prison conditions are two common issues associated with prison overcrowding. Looking for alternatives to prison is something that your criminal defense attorney should do as soon as possible after being retained to represent your best interests. Scheduling time to consult with a dedicated criminal defense attorney may be the first step towards avoiding prison and accepting alternative sentencing or avoiding the dangers overall.

If you’re looking at possible prison time, the time to get legal help is now. You might be able to avoid a conviction or other serious consequences in your case, but this is only true if you have an attorney who can advise you from day one.


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