Can a DUI Become a Federal Offense? 

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Can a DUI Become a Federal Offense? 
January 2, 2022

Can a DUI Become a Federal Offense? 

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Federal DUI Offenses In Amherst

In Amherst, MA, operating while intoxicated (OUI) is a serious crime. The same is true if you were stopped on federal land and charged with OUI. You face life-changing consequences even for a first-time offense and if convicted, you may lose rights like being able to bear arms or vote. Here’s what you should know about federal DUI and how an attorney can help you achieve the best possible outcome. 

Federal Drunk Driving Defined 

Federal drunk driving occurs when a person is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on federal property. This includes but isn’t limited to airports, military bases, national parks and monuments, and the post office. 

While you may think that the punishment for a federal DUI automatically exceeds those of a state DUI, this may not necessarily be the case. Your sentence is typically determined by the seriousness of the circumstances and if your actions were particularly egregious or negligent, or resulted in the critical injury or death of someone else.  

What Are the Possible Penalties and How Will My Lawyer Defend Me? 

U.S. statute treats drinking and driving on federal land as a Class B misdemeanor. This means that if you’re found guilty, you could incur a fine of up to $5,000 and a prison sentence of up to six (6) months. 

Your attorney can defend you in a number of ways depending on your case and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. If the police failed to follow procedure when administering breathalyzer or roadside sobriety tests, or they didn’t have cause to stop your vehicle in the first place, your lawyer may be able to get this evidence dismissed. 

Without it, the prosecution will have a more difficult time successfully convicting you. In some cases, an attorney may advise a client to take a plea deal for reduced charges, especially if a plea deal offers a probation sentence in exchange for incarceration. 

What to Do After Being Arrested for a Federal DUI 

Amherst OUI defense lawyer Jesse Adams knows how challenging it is to be charged with a criminal offense, especially by federal authorities. Your rights, future, relationships, and more are on the line when you’ve been charged with a crime and it’s important that you act as soon as possible to protect your rights under the law. Call today for your consultation at 413.585.9200.


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