How Long Will It Take My OUI Case to Go to Trial?

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How Long Will It Take My OUI Case to Go to Trial?
December 19, 2018

How Long Will It Take My OUI Case to Go to Trial?

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Have you been arrested recently for an OUI case in the state of Massachusetts? Unfortunately, anyone can find themselves seeing the red and blue flashing lights in their rearview mirror in Massachusetts. And you might not recognize that the stakes are extremely high with your OUI case.

This is why you need to retain an experienced OUI defense attorney immediately. There are many different aspects of your case that will be handled in the hours and weeks immediately after you have been accused of operating a vehicle under the influence.

While these details are still fresh in your mind, you need to schedule a consultation with your criminal defense attorney to give you the best possible chance to recall the relevant details and to fight back and develop a criminal defense strategy. It can take a short or a long period of time for your OUI case to conclude. How fast it will take depends on any complicating factors and the criminal defense attorney you have hired.

On average, the vast majority of Massachusetts OUI cases can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete. The case could potentially become longer if a breath test was involved because you will also need an additional hearing to challenge the admissibility of the test. There have been a significant number of problems associated with the use of breath tests in the state of Massachusetts, so make sure that you raise these concerns to your criminal defense attorney.

The length of your OUI case will also be impacted by how currently booked the court is, or whether or not there are other factors involved in your case. Regardless of the specifics of your individual OUI case, you need to schedule a consultation with an OUI defense attorney immediately. You cannot afford to have your future affected by failing to retain an experienced criminal defender or hiring someone who is not able to handle your case effectively. Make sure that you retain an experienced attorney immediately after being accused.


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