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Second OUI In Northampton
July 15, 2019

Second OUI In Northampton

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How Common Are Multiple OUI Charges In Northampton?

Are you facing a second or third OUI Charge in Northampton? You are not alone.  This summer alone the media has taught us that being pulled over and charged with a Second OUI, Third OUI or even a fourth OUI is not uncommon.  In many instances, these types of charges are related to a misunderstanding, in other cases, these incidents may be related to substance abuse or addiction. In any event, there are some important elements that you need to know about when facing a subsequent OUI charge in Northampton.

Second OUI in Northampton

When dealing with a Second OUI, it is important to work with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced with Massachusetts courts and will vigorously defend you. One of the most important aspects of a subsequent OUI charge is the sentencing.  For a First OUI Offense, there are defenses that can be used in order to maximize the best possible outcome, however, navigating a second OUI requires more attention.

An experienced OUI attorney will focus their attention on the details surrounding the arrest process and circumstances surrounding the events involved in your arrest. A second OUI is often followed by mandatory sentencing and it is quite possible that a judge assigned to your OUI case may order jail time of up to two years in prison. In addition, a second OUI may come with elevated fines, as well as license suspensions. You may also have to submit to having an ignition interlock device and other considerations that you need to be aware of when preparing for your defense.

Get Help With Your Second OUI Charge In Northampton

To get the best possible outcome for your future, you need to document as much of the arrest process as you can. The first call that you will make is to your Criminal Defense Lawyer. Your OUI Lawyer will be able to go over the details of your case with you in order to determine the best possible defense for your unique situation. No two OUI’s are the same, your defense must be tailored for your specific and individual case.  Call Criminal Defense Lawyer Jesse Adams if you need immediate assistance.





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