Who Is Responsible in An Accident Involving a Vehicle Stopped on The Side of The Road?

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Who Is Responsible in An Accident Involving a Vehicle Stopped on The Side of The Road?
December 18, 2017

Who Is Responsible in An Accident Involving a Vehicle Stopped on The Side of The Road?

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were you hit on the side of the road? You need a lawyer

Far too many people are hurt or killed in accidents that happen on the side of the road. Sometimes a driver needs to stop because of a mechanical issue, to use the phone, to attend to a crying child or because of an ongoing medical emergency.

Many people view the side of the road as the only place they’re able to get their car to in the event of mechanical trouble, but just because you’re out of the general flow of traffic doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. You could still be hit and hurt, leading to questions about who is responsible for your injuries.

You might be under the impression that it is safer to get out of the flow of the traffic, but it is a mistake to believe that you are very safe on the side of the roads. There are many different obstacles that can put you in harm’s way if you get off the road. Especially in cases when the victim is struck outside of a vehicle, they can suffer life threatening and severe injuries. A pedestrian who is hit by a speeding car with a driver at the helm who is not paying attention, for example, can leave that pedestrian suffering lifelong consequences of such an accident.

Determining liability in an incident in which one car is stopped on the side of the road, needs to be conducted as soon as possible for the best interests of everyone. If you or someone you know has already been hurt in a crash like this, you need to get help from an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about handling these kinds of cases and who will begin preparing a compelling claim for maximum compensation as soon as possible.

If someone was negligently on the side of the road and did not use tools such as flares, or flashing lights to make other drivers aware of the problem, they could have held partially responsible in an accident. Prompt investigation is necessary to figure out what you need to do. These cases can also be complicated if you suspect another driver was committing an OUI at the time- in this case, you need help from a lawyer right away.


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