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As a Northampton native, I am committed to helping those in my community protect their future. I do not take any cases lightly - every client of the Law Offices of Jesse Adams knows that I, not an associate or paralegal, will fight tirelessly to defend their rights. Learn about some of the individuals I've helped below, and call my firm today at 413.585.9200 to learn how I can help you.

  • Two Felony Charges & One Misdemeanor


    Two Charges Dismissed, Small Fine for the Third

    My client had too many drinks at a downtown bar and went to an after-party close by at his friend’s apartment. He stepped outside the apartment building to have a cigarette, and went back into the building. Tipsy, he accidentally entered the apartment wrong apartment, and encountered the man who lived there who was confused and scared. A scuffle ensued and my client was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor. He is a business entrepreneur, and was concerned about several things including his reputation in the community, and his ability to get certain licenses
    that he may need in the future. We fought the case. I filed some motions arguing that he did not have the requisite intent for the felonies, and the prosecutor agreed. I got the first two charges dismissed, and my client paid a small fine on the third charge. This successful outcome did not limit any of client’s opportunities and was a fair resolution to a case of mistake.

  • Possession of Drugs


    Case Was Thrown Out

    A former client of mine caught another case. The last time I represented him, he was the victim of a violent and hate-motivated attack in a bar yet he was charged because he was a minority in generally white, townie bar. He wanted to fight the case and dug his heels in on principle. We went to trial and won: the jury acquitted of him of all charges, three felonies and two misdemeanors. Big win. This time, he was a passenger in car that was stopped. There were drugs found in the car and he was charged with possession along with the driver.He dug his heels in again, and I fought for him again. On the eve of trial,I had the case thrown out. A criminal case is one of the most stressful things that a person can experience. I respect my client for withstanding the pressure and stress that comes with choosing to fight and go to trial. He trusted me with his future, and we won twice.

  • Failure to Register As A Sex Offender

    Felony Charge Dismissed

    My client had been a registered sex offender for a very long time. When he was 18, he had sex with a girl he thought was of age because she looked 18 and said she was 18. She was not. She was 14. Her parents found out,he was charged and convicted of statutory rape and almost 30 years after the incident my client was still a registered sex offender. After a rough time in his life he lost income and his apartment. During this struggle with poverty and homelessness, he forgot to register for the first time since the requirement began and was charged with failure
    to register as a sex offender, a felony.

    After reviewing the case discovery and the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) documents, I informed my client that his duty to register had expired due to the age of the charge and the fact that he had no other record whatsoever. I brought this to the prosecutor’s attention and explained the circumstances. The prosecutor then reviewed the case and subsequentlydismissed it. Big win.

  • Drunk Driving, Second Offense


    My client was accused of drunk driving, second offense, and had his life turned upside down. The charge alone is not a conviction of course, but it may feel like it to the accused because but the presumption of innocence doesn’t prevent the charge from causing tremendous stress, limitations of opportunities, and other hardships.

    My client trusted me to fight for him. And I fought. After a jury trial, in less than ten minutes of deliberation, my client was acquitted. It was not easy as the police testimony was persuasive and the prosecutor was convincing, but I was able to get the jury to see that there was reasonable doubt and they found him not guilty. After his acquittal, I persuaded the judge to reinstate his license. He then quickly got his life back on track and has now moved forward.

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