Northampton Drug Crime Lawyer

Strong Representation for Drug-Related Offenses in Western Massachusetts

If you have been arrested with a drug crime, you should not have to fight your charges alone. Having an experienced Northampton drug crime attorney on your side is the most effective way you can ensure your future is protected. At The Law Offices of Jesse Adams, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ rights are not violated throughout criminal proceedings for drug crime arrests.

Regardless of whether it is a felony or misdemeanor charge, Jesse Adams is prepared to provide you with the representation you need. Call The Law Offices of Jesse Adams at 413.585.9200. He is licensed to practice in Massachusetts and Connecticut to serve you.

Common Types of Drug Crime Allegations

During the years Attorney Jesse Adams has been in practice, our firm has handled a wide range of drug crime cases. He has seen everything from minor charges such as a small amount of marijuana to very serious federal investigations. He is fully aware of the tactics used by local law enforcement, prosecutors, and federal agencies to obtain arrests and convictions.

  • Northampton criminal defense lawyer Jesse Adams can offer representation for the following types of drug crime cases:
  • Drug trafficking
  • College drug crimes
  • Drug possession
  • Drug sales
  • Drug manufacturing

Attorney Adams represents cases involving controlled substances, street drugs, and illegally obtained prescription medications. He is dedicated to putting our comprehensive knowledge of the legal system and local and federal drug crime laws to use for you.

Take Swift Action to Retain Representation

It is important that you immediately hire Northampton criminal defense attorney Jesse Adams, as drug crime cases can move forward quickly. You need a firm on your side who can take any measure possible to challenge the charges against you. Attorney Adams’ goal is to prevent a conviction and keep you out of jail or prison, in addition to the many other criminal penalties you could face.

To set up an appointment for a free consultation, please call the firm now at 413.585.9200. Jesse Adams offers appointments on the weekend and he’ll even come to you.