Northampton Attorney for College Crimes

Representation Against Criminal Charges for Students in Western Massachusetts

In any criminal case, your future and freedom are put on the line when you are arrested or charged. As a college student, you have even more at risk if you are convicted of a crime. In addition to any criminal consequences you could face, you could also face expulsion or other penalties from your school’s disciplinary board.

At The Law Offices of Jesse Adams, Northampton criminal defense attorney Jesse Adams is here to represent you in both criminal proceedings and disciplinary hearings. He understand just how much is at risk and you can rely on our compassionate and aggressive representation.

Protect Your Future

Jesse Adams firmly believes in protecting your future, especially your education opportunities and career prospects. Being convicted of a criminal offense while you are in college can affect your reputation and your ability to pursue education or a fruitful career in the future. Northampton college crime attorney Jesse Adams can protect you against a wide range of criminal allegations, from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies.

Available 24/7 for Legal Defense

Northampton college crime attorney Jesse Adams has a decade of experience representing students both in court and in school disciplinary hearings throughout Western Massachusetts. He is committed to providing client-focused representation, persuasive advocacy, and skilled litigation to ensure your rights and future are protected. He works towards a positive resolution, such as a dismissal or reduction of charges and can meet with you on the weekends and come to see you if you are unable to come to the office.

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