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Few people ever expect to find themselves charged with a crime – however, the simple truth is that most people who are charged with a crime are not career criminals or “bad guys.” Instead, they are every day, hardworking people who have simply made a mistake. Regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, you have a right to a high-quality defense.

At the Law Offices of Jesse Adams, our Hampshire County criminal defense lawyer is experienced and well-regarded in the community. Although he has more than a decade of experience, Attorney Adams has never worked as a prosecutor or district attorney – he has always stood on the side of justice for the accused.

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There are few experiences in life more overwhelming and frightening than facing criminal charges. Depending on the offense you’re charged with and the circumstances of your case, a conviction could yield life-altering penalties. Disturbingly, many people’s lives are forever changed due to false allegations and overzealous prosecutors.

  • We represent clients in communities throughout Hampshire County, including:
  • Amherst
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  • Easthampton
  • Belchertown
  • Ware
  • Southampton

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In addition to his extensive experience as a Hampshire County criminal defense attorney, Jesse Adams is also a former member of the Northampton City Council. By choosing our firm, you can be confident you’re choosing an attorney who is well-known and trusted in the community, and who is also a tenacious advocate for our client’s rights.