Rape in Massachusetts

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One of the most serious sex crimes to commit in Massachusetts and the United States is rape. Not only do alleged rapists face extremely harsh penalties (e.g. prison time, fines, registration as a sex offender), but they also may already be guilty in the eyes of the media and public. It is imperative for a person arrested or accused of rape to obtain the qualified legal services of an experienced lawyer.

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Rape Definition & Penalties

According to Massachusetts law, rape means the penetration of any bodily orifice by any body part or object, performed without the victim’s consent, and with the threat of or actual use of force. Additionally, if a person cannot give consent for some reason such as intoxication, unconsciousness, or mental impairment, it is considered rape.

Rape is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, costly fines, GPS monitoring, and registration as a sex offender in the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board for a lifetime.

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Being convicted of rape can result in permanent damage to your personal and professional reputation. Seeking employment can prove extremely challenging, as well as finding a place to live. However, you still have a chance to fight these charges with aggressive legal assistance.

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